Courses at Local Unity Churches

The following weeklong courses are offered at various Unity churches throughout the United States. Required classes are led by ministers and licensed Unity teachers certified to teach by Unity Institute and Unity Worldwide Ministries. For more information, please refer to the contact information provided for each class.

Date/Contact/Location Class Instructor(s)

August 11-15, 2014

Unity of Fayetteville
4880 W Wedington Drive
Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-521-0918

MS800 Prosperity Annette Olsen, LUT
MS801 The Twelve Powers of Man Kate Guendling, LUT 
MS802 Lessons in Truth Annette Olsen, LUT
PR800 Life of Prayer Kate Guendling, LUT

August 25-29, 2014 

Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa 
3080 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 613-700-6489

BI604 Bible Interpretation: Acts – Revelation  Rev. Vicki Vanderhorst 
Roxanne Buckle, LUT 
S815 Myrtle and Charles on Healing & Wholeness – Part 1 Rev. Vicki Vanderhorst 
Roxanne Buckle, LUT
PR800 Prosperity Rev. Vicki Vanderhorst 
Roxanne Buckle, LUT

September 15-19, 2014

Seattle Unity 
200 8th Avenue North
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-622-8475

BI821 Bible Overview: Christian Scriptures Rev. Ann Thomas
ED968 The Meaning of Mary Magdalene: Discovering the Woman at the Heart of Spirituality Allen Watson, LUT
MS801 The Twelve Powers Rev. Paul Hasselbeck
MS802 Lessons In Truth Rev. Bill Worth
MS804 Discover the Power Within You Rev. Linda Spencer
MS815 Myrtle & Charles on Healing & Wholeness – Part 1 Rev. Paul Hasselbeck
PR800 Life of Prayer Rev. Karen Lindvig

September 15-19, 2014 

Unity Renaissance 
1120 Eden Way North
Chesapeake, VA
Phone: 757-420-5280

BI802 Jesus’ Teachings in the Bible Rev. Paula Coppel
BI820 Bible Overview: Hebrew Scriptures Rev. Victoria Bunch
HI604 Background of New Thought Rev. Ginny Roll
MS800 Prosperity Rev. Patricia Gulino Lansky
MS801 The Twelve Powers James Scott, LUT
MS802 Lessons In Truth Richard Mekdeci, LUT
PR801 Meditation Practices Rev. Don Lansky

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