Office of the Registrar

The Registrar’s Office maintains the permanent academic records of all students. In addition, the office is responsible for course registration, classroom scheduling, transcripts, transfer credits, verification of enrollments, issuing diplomas, and producing the course schedule.

Important Documents

2015–2016 Academic Catalog
Academic Calendar
Student Handbook
M&RS Course Listings


UWM Application Students wishing to pursue the primary path to Unity ministry must also apply with Unity Worldwide Ministries using this form. 
Academic Demonstration Application Request Students who have not received a bachelor’s degree prior to entering the M&RS program must complete the requirements of Academic Demonstration and request an application from Unity Institute.
Transcript Request Current students and alumni of the M&RS program may request an official transcript using this form. A $5 fee is required for processing.
Add/Drop Request Current students in the M&RS program may request to add or drop a course using this form. A $25 fee is required for student-initiated changes.
Request for Policy Waiver Students may use this form to request a one-time exemption from a course prerequisite or standing M&RS policy.
Directory Non-Disclosure Request Students may request that basic student information not be disclosed in the student directory.
Leave of Absence Request Current students who are unable to complete a term or who expect to be absent one or more regular terms may request a leave of absence using this form.
Independent Study Application Students who wish to participate in independent study of a subject not parallel to the content of another course may apply using this form. Students should speak with an advisor before applying.
Request for Withdrawal Students wishing to withdraw from a program, course or term must complete this form after speaking with an advisor.
Request for Incomplete In the event of serious illnesses or emergencies beyond the control of a student, faculty has the option of assigning an incomplete grade. Please speak with your advisor before filling out this form.