Path to Licensed Unity Teaching

Licensed Unity teachers are spiritual leaders who are equipped to serve and support Unity ministers and ministries. The licensing program is designed to deepen one's understanding of Unity principles and develop the leadership skills necessary to provide support to a spiritual community.
Education and licensing of Unity teachers is a joint venture between Unity Institute and Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM). A full outline of requirements is available here

  1. Complete the SEE Spiritual Development Program.
  2. Be an active member of a Unity church recognized by UWM.
  3. Enter into an agreement with a sponsoring minister.
  4. Mail a Letter of Intent to the Licensed Teacher Coordinator at UWM.
  5. Have access to a computer, the Internet and email.
  6. Take and pass a psychological evaluation.

Leadership Program
Requires completion of prerequisites and acceptance into the LIcensed Unity Teacher Program. 
There are two parts to this program that should be completed simultaneously:

  1. SEE Leadership Development Program
  2. Practicum (sponsored by UWM)

Skills Demonstration Seminar (SDS)
Requires completion of all required classes and practicum work.
Sponsored by UWM, the SDS component provides the candidate with an opportunity to demonstrate teaching skills, to network with other candidates, and learn more about the role of a credentialed Unity leader. Download the SDS Application.