Our History, Mission and Values


Unity Institute and Seminary is devoted to continuing the spiritual education work of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, founders of the Unity movement. Education became a central part of Unity early in its history. As the Fillmores began the Unity movement, they also began teaching practical Christianity.

In 1909 the Fillmores organized the Correspondence School, which provided Unity teachings for those outside the Kansas City area. Today the Spiritual Education and Enrichment program (SEE) provides classes for adults on spiritual development and leadership in the classroom and online.

While the Unity Society of Practical Christianity ordained its first ministers in 1906, formal Unity Ministerial Training didn't begin until 1931. Today Unity Institute and Seminary offers a Master of Divinity and a Diploma program for individuals sharing Unity’s message in chaplaincy, alternative ministries and spiritual communities. Through the cooperative relationship formed with Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Institute and Seminary serves the Unity movement’s needs for licensed Unity teachers, ministers and ministries.

Unity Institute and Seminary is committed to the adult educational model in which each student comes to the school as a result of the spiritual journey that began earlier in his or her soul’s enfoldment. The faculty and staff are committed to and the program is designed to guide each person to acquire the skills, knowledge and consciousness that are needed for the fulfillment of this goal. It is in this way that Unity Institute and Seminary continues the work of spiritual education begun by the Fillmores more than 100 years ago.


Unity Institute, through outstanding higher education, develops ministers and other leaders who live spiritual principles and inspire transformation.


Spirit-Centeredness: We act from a Spirit-Centered Consciousness with the consistent awareness of God as the One Presence and One Power within each of us.

Oneness: We celebrate our diversity while acknowledging we are one in Spirit.

Integrity: We act in harmony with our deeply held beliefs and values, and we honor the agreements we make with others.

Excellence: We set our expectations high and challenge ourselves to exceed them as we educate and develop students. We are continuously growing and improving as we move toward the vision of what can be.

Faith: As instruments of the Divine, we co-create our future through steadfast vision of the Good. With God as our Source, we trust spiritual principles and expect unlimited possibilities.


All the activities of the Unity movement are united under one primary purpose: learning and expressing what it means to live a God-Centered life. As a movement from within Christianity, Unity seeks to bring awareness and clarity to what a God-Centered life means for people in everyday living. It is focused on the meaning of Jesus Christ and his teachings as the basic source of this understanding. Unity relates all of life to God and learning to bring a consciousness of the activity of God into every life situation.


The Coordinating Board for Higher Education in the state of Missouri has granted Unity Institute and Seminary authority to award undergraduate and graduate degrees.